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Hundreds of brain-building activities designed for your child aged 2 to 6 - backed by science!
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Zero Screen Time

We'll teach you everything you need to develop your child away from the screen!

5 Minutes A Day

You're busy, learn new activities in 5 minutes a day to build your child's skills.

100+ Activities

Fun brain-building activities made to improve your child's fundamental life skills.

Made For Your Child

Our certified teachers are uniquely equipped to help your child grow.

🕔 Only 5-Minutes A Day!

• Diverse topic set covering everything your toddler or child needs from practical life skills to math, literacy, grip strength and more!

• New activities added every week so you'll never run out of brain-boosting fun!

• Results oriented: All of our activities are hyper-focused on bringing your toddler or child results that you can see in real time.

• Tailored content: We'll create new custom activities to help reach your child's goals!

Limited Time Offer:
Join now and see REAL changes in just days for only $9.99!


Over 30 Learning Outcomes!

Hundreds of DIY lessons, with real results!

Self-Help Skills For Independence
(Ages 2 to 3)

Enhance The Sense of Sight
(Ages 2 to 3)

Learn To Read & Write
(Ages 3 to 4)

Numbers 1 to 9999
(Ages 5+)

Explore The Continents & More!

Get Access To Hundreds of Daily Brain-Building Activities For Your Toddler Or Child! 🧠

In as little as 5 minutes per day, watch as your child aged 2 - 6 develops fundamental, lifelong skills.

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🔴 Live Sessions Are Now Available!

Book a 1 to 1 live evaluation session with one of our certified teachers and get personalized tips, progress reports and insightful feedback on your child's growth.

To gain access, check ✅ the add-on during sign-up!

🎉 Parents Are Raving About Montessi+ 🎉

Families around the world love our results-oriented, on-demand activities!

Sofia from Switzerland

"We joined the program when Bjorn was 14 months and since then I have been a fan of their programs, in particular the tailored activities and care provided by the team and educators."

Shikha From Toronto

"This is something I would definitely advise other parents to consider enrolling their children into. Having their teachers whom they are comfortable with give them some one on one time we truly think has helped engage them to do school work while at home.”

Nirma From Toronto

“Tiya actually looks forward to her sessions and her routine is back on track. It is good to see how she is also learning to use technology during her session, which to us is amazing."

You Made It This Far, Ready For A Sneak Peek? 🤫

Check out this full length activity from the self-confidence section of our toddler program!

With this activity your child will build and strengthen their skills in:

  • Self-care
  • Independence 
  • Concentration 
  • Fine motor control
  • Hand-eye coordination 

30+ Tangible Learning Outcomes!

Get clear, well-defined results for your child, and build their road-map to success!

Get A Grip On Fine Motor Skills
(Ages 2+)

Improve Hand-Eye Coordination
(Ages 2 to 3)

Self-Help Skills For Independence
(Ages 2 to 3)

Boost Self-Confidence
(Ages 3+)

Refine Whole-Body Movement
(Ages 3+)

Recognize & Identify Colours
(Ages 2 to 3)

Enhance The Sense of Sight
(Ages 2 to 3)

Refine Sight Through Dimension
(Ages 3+)

Enhance The Sense of Touch
(Ages 2 to 3)

Enhance The Sense of Hearing
(Ages 3+)

Enhance The Sense of Smell
(Ages 4+)

Enhance The Sense of Taste
(Ages 4+)

All About Shapes
(Ages 3 to 4)

Master The Phonetic Alphabet
(Ages 3 to 4)

Learn To Write
(Ages 3 to 4)

Read Short Sentences
(Ages 4+)

Read Beginner Storybooks
(Ages 5+)

Improve Writing Skills
(Ages 4+)

Numbers 1 to 10
(Ages 3+)

Numbers 11 to 19
(Ages 4+)

Numbers: The Tens
(Ages 4+)

Numbers 11 to 99
(Ages 4+)

Numbers 1 to 9999
(Ages 5+)

Explore The Continents
(Ages 3 to 4)

Understanding The Earth
(Ages 3 to 4)

Science Experiments
(Ages 3 to 4)

Introduction To Plant-Life
(Ages 3+)

Introduction To Animals
(Ages 3+)

Learn The Months & Seasons
(Ages 4 to 5)

+ New Activities Every Week!

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A Bit About Us

All of the content on Montessi+ is hand-crafted with the help of the amazing instructors and childcare experts at My First Montessori School, located in Ontario, Canada.

As a well established and highly regarded K-8 school in its own right, MFMS helps ensure all of our content is based on scientifically backed and proven principles.


Frequently Asked Questions


Montessi+ is not, and does not represent itself to be, an online school or schooling alternative.

If your child is not in school, and you intend to homeschool him or her, you may not use Montessi+ or MFMS Online as proof of enrolment for your school board unless otherwise expressly stated by us while your child is enrolled in one of our full-time virtual school programs found here.

The Montessi+ program is only intended to be used as an aid to boost your child's learning, and does not serve as a replacement to your child being enrolled in school.